i tAPPED My fuNNY bone with the sPIRALLY PART OF MY NOTEBOOK and now it fEELS FUCking fuNKY wHAT THE HELL

I was a coward! I was weak! I wouldn’t kill a dragon!


Tatiana Maslany & Jordan Gavaris at The Nerd HQ Panel SDCC 2014

"Tatiana spends half her day pretending to be a cat."

-actual quote from Graeme Manson.


i m really high but doeesnt this spot on my floor look like sanic the heghoge


I feel guilty for asking more of you clone club since you have already given me so much in my time of need. But could you help to spread the word that I am okay?

I’m writing soccercop fic for the FIRST TIME and I have a lot of pent up emotions about soccercop help meeeeeeee

fill in the blanks


1. name: emily
2. birthday: april
3. favorite color: it changes faster than my mood
4. lucky number: 4
5. height: 5’7


1. last dream you remember: i think it involved kissing
2. can you juggle: HA no

3. art/sports/both: art, i suck spectacularly at sports

4. do you like writing: ye
5. do you like dancing: i like doin ballet but i cannot social dance or any other type of dance for my life
6. do you like singing: yes but not well


1. dream vacation:  a nice place with no bugs and a lot of cats and dogs and maybe like a friendly horse that will let me ride it
2. dream date: come to pirates cove with me and climb up onto the top of the tallest rock and watch the sunset and then kiss a lot
3. dream guy/gal/nb: someone that likes things that I like and is cute and likes me and thinks i’m cute
4. dream wedding: i haven’t thought that far ahead
5. dream pet: many cat also a griffon and maybe like a hippocampus
6. dream job: one that will make me a lot of money (involving biology)


1. favorite song: doesn’t change quite as fast as my mood but almost
2. favorite album: WICKED
3. favorite artist: imagine dragons and many others
4. last song you heard on the radio: I don’t remember
5. least favorite song: the one that’s like shorty like a melody in my head FUCK that song
6. least favorite album: i dunno
7. least favorite artist: see above


1. guys/girls/nb: girls/guys/maybe nb? i haven’t met anyone that is nb I don’t think
2. hair color: whatever
3. eye color: not red
4. humorous/serious: humorous
5. taller/shorter: idk man doesn’t matter
6. biggest turn-off: unhygienic
7. biggest turn-on: if you are passionate about something i’m gone also if you are a cutie patoot i am doubly gone


i can’t believe people get so angry about a bisexual spider-man. whatever. have your shitty bi/homophobic opinions. you’re an asshole anyway. i just can’t believe you’re robbing everyone of all the glorious ‘swings both ways’ jokes


imagine for christmas delphine gets cosima a custom mug that says “cosima” on it because cosima said one time that she never found her name on things as a kid omg