hey AA

gorgeous aradia omg


this is what i imagine sports is


Mexican gray wolf yawning by T Wheatley


The most beautiful cat cafe I have been to. It’s called Temari no Ouchi (Temari’s house) in Tokyo, Japan. The soft music and ambience feels like you are in a Studio Ghibli film. Had to take the Japan Railway there, but was totally worth the extra trip, & unlike the central Tokyo cat cafes, this one has no time limit, so feels totally relaxed. Several girls were even sleeping there amongst the cats.


Some people like to read while on the toilet. Others prefer to be inundated by multiple confusing and contradictory reflections of themselves, repeating into infinity.

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Namely, you’ll become so attracted to each different clone individually you’ll wonder for a brief moment why they aren’t making out with one another.

— An actual quote from a news review of Orphan Black (via consp1racy)

Title: Calendar Girl
Artist: Stars
Played: 223 times



Calendar Girl - Stars

But I can’t live forever, I can’t always be
One day I’ll be sand on a beach by a sea
The pages keep turning, I’ll mark off each day with a cross
And I’ll laugh about all that we’ve lost


developing feelings for a person virtually out of nowhere like



cosima stop doing kickflips over rachel she takes doesn’t take insult well you know that